• Robust and dynamic financial models


    Understand the performance of your financial assets and make the most of your investments with thoroughly investigated financial models
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  • Real Estate Acquisition and Development models


    Buy Real Estate assets and plan development that will continue to give returns with our Real Estate Acquisition and Development team
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  • Interim CFO services for startups and small businesses


    All the help you need in starting up your business so it can make the impact and reach its full potential.
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  • Buy and Sell-side support for M&A Transactions


    Play to your strengths and let us fill in the rest. Our Sell-side support team offers a wealth of business knowledge ensuring a deal close you'll be proud of.
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Based in London and New York, providing bespoke strategic solutions to our clients. Our target clients include:
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Startups
  • Small businesses
  • Larger enterprises




Company Valuation

We use a combination of different valuation techniques to arrive at a reasonable value for your business and present our analysis in a detailed valuation report.

Investor Pitch Decks

We help our clients stand out and dazzle investors by writing impactful, concise and compelling pitch decks designed professionally in their company branding.

M&A Transaction Support Services

We provide both buy and sell-side support in the form of services such as managing data rooms, research, Information Memorandum writing, and valuation modeling.

Project Management Solutions

We provide a range of project management services including product management, workflow design and implementation, audit of business ecosystem and tools and more.

Presentations & Proposals

We help companies prepare corporate presentations and other marketing collateral for sales, training, investor/management meetings and also help to respond to RFPs.

Interim CFO Service (CFOaaS)

We provide our CFOaaS as ongoing support for your business to not just tackle finance-related challenges but also provide the required strategic insight.

Market Research & Analysis

We conduct extensive research to build a strong understanding of your target market and present our findings in a clear, concise and usable format.

Startup Consulting

We work with entrepreneurs and startups right from the ideation stage through to an investor’s conference room. And possibly even after!

Business Plan Consulting & Writing

We write detailed and robust business plans for startups as well as small businesses suitable for securing bank loans and private investment as well as internal planning purposes.


We have been working with real estate investors - funds as well as individual investors - for more than 10 years and building complex financial models for acquisition and development investments of mix-use properties. We specialise in alternative assets, specifically real estate, and create bespoke, dynamic and robust operational and valuation models for all types of real estate properties.


Pitch decks are not just a few PowerPoint slides anymore. We have spoken to over 2,000 investors worldwide including Venture Capitalists, Private Equity Funds, Investment Banks and Angel Investors. They told us they receive about 5,000 startup pitch decks in A DAY. Analysts in their team then review these, and after passing through 3-5 rounds of organisational hierarchy, a handful of them actually get seen by a decision-maker. It really is that difficult! Unless of course, your aunt owns the firm or you’re best friends with the CEO. If not, you need to make sure your pitch ticks certain boxes and dazzles everyone that sets their eyes on it. See how we can help you!


Our consultants come from impressive backgrounds, including Investment Banking, Strategy Consulting, and Asset Management. In the last eight years, we have pivoted our company to the extent that we can serve a wide range of clientele, including:


We help both first-time and serial entrepreneurs formulate a killer business strategy for their latest venture. We don’t like to restrict ourselves to particular industries and thus have formed a versatile team who help entrepreneurs through different stages of their business lifecycle - from ideation to exit.


We have helped more than 1,000 businesses in the last eight years pivot exponentially from pre-seed to subsequent funding rounds. We help them approach investors, form strategic partnerships, go to market, acquire customers, expand to newer markets and industries and develop a solid business plan. We also offer interim CFO services to help them set the right financial tone for their business from early on.


Often confused with startups, small (including micro) businesses are established companies with an annual turnover of up to $10mn. We have helped our clients expand their businesses to different markets/industries, achieve successful exits at a premium valuation, and raise external funding for capital projects.


We help enterprises by providing our M&A expertise and support both buy and sell-side transactions. Our services include target research for acquisition, valuation modeling, post-merger due-diligence, deal book/information memorandum writing and more.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

We acknowledge how proprietary our client data is. We adhere to a strict confidentiality policy, and you can read more about it here.
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We are the best business and startup consultancy in the UK & USA. But don’t take our word for it. Let’s hear what our clients have to say about ONS

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