Company Valuation

Project Overview

Our client was a unique, hybrid, and flexible workspace-sharing company that has many locations. The company has four premium workspaces and eight standard workplaces for their members to use. They provide a unique subscription model whereby clients sign up for a monthly membership package and gain access to all their office locations. They had received an offer by a giant player in the industry and wanted to get a sense of their true valuation in order to make a decision on the offer. They were looking not just for a valuation model but a proper report of findings that described the valuation methodology adopted and justified the numbers.

Our Role

We first ran a series of stakeholder interviews at the company to gain a better understanding of the company, its history, vision, milestones achieved so far and of course reviewed financial statements to-date. The company was a startup and had only been in business for 4 years. We decided to use a combination of five different valuation approaches in order to arrive at a reasonable valuation range. The report we provided detailed our approach, assumptions taken, sources referred to and our analysis in support of the valuation estimated.

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