Feasibility Study for Pet Food Brand

Project Overview

Our client was at the ideation stage of her next big venture in the pet food industry. She was looking to start a unique meal subscription service for pets that offered healthy and organic food for our loved ones. The idea was simple. She wanted to give pet owners the ability to design a custom meal plan for their pets based on their dietary preferences and likes/dislikes. And although she had previously had a successful exit with her prior startup, this industry was a new field for her and she needed expert help on deciphering the feasibility of her idea, further refining the value proposition and finalising her pricing strategy.

Our Role

We decided to break the project down into two phases: research and feasibility/pricing. We did extensive research on the organic pet food industry in the USA and the state of Nevada which is where our client was based. We also looked at the global landscape. For the second stage, which was finalising the pricing strategy, we decided to approach it from two different angles. We first looked at peers and comparables in the industry to see what similar companies were charging for their services. We added a small premium for the unique value that our client’s product adds to the market and performed some analysis to come to the most optimal pricing structure.

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