LBO Model for PE Firm

Project Overview

Our client was a PE firm based in Chicago. They were looking to acquire a company who is a developer of software applications for smartphone devices. The company sells two products for the various smartphones. The first is a software application that tracks weather data. The second application acts as a calendar that keeps track of a user’s schedule. The company sold 1.5 million copies of the first application and 3 million copies of the second in 2017. That was the first year they had generated any revenue. We were expected to create a traditional three-statement LBO model with necessary schedules, sources and uses of funds, post-acquisition adjustments, scenario analysis, debt schedule and exit returns schedule. However, the client wanted to be able to input different scenarios and see the results as opposed to the traditional three scenario model.

Our Role

We worked closely with the PE fund to gather as much information as we could about the target company. This was done via interviews and by creating datarooms. After we had all the necessary information, we needed we built an automated LBO model for the project that prompted the user to enter scenario parameters as per their requirements and instantly showed the results.

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