Project Management


Our client’s projects are diverse and our service covers strategic projects, for larger enterprises, to smaller one-off projects.
We have extensive experience in providing a complete project management solution for different types of projects.
We pride ourselves on providing a bespoke project management service that helps our clients in establishing and defining their project needs and managing project delivery.
We provide experienced resources for projects of all sizes and complexities. This includes provision of integrated multi-skilled teams as well as single project managers.
Our expert project teams plan and control every aspect of the project from concept to definition, implementation and handover. Our service includes the definition, leadership, planning, stakeholder management, control and successful delivery of projects on your behalf.
We are popular amongst our clients for successfully delivering projects on time, on budget and maintaining quality standards.

Our expert project management techniques include:

  • Scrum
  • Kanban
  • Lean
  • Waterfall



Our Project Management experts will lead, guide and assist you throughout your project lifecycle with the primary objective of achieving your desired objectives


We also provide consultancy services to help your company and its people build effective project management capabilities


We can also provide training tailored to your system requirements to further strengthen the skills, knowledge and expertise of your employees


Whether you require someone on a long or short term basis, we have the flexibility and ability to accommodate all your resource needs. We specialize in:

  • Managing strategic initiatives: Our clients utilize our consultants when they can't afford mistakes, or worse, failure - including staffing and recruitment companies!
  • Recovering bottlenecks: We’ve seen it all and our consultants are well-equipped at conducting a deep-dive analysis of your current problems, executing course corrections, and bringing projects back on track.
  • Interim leadership: We can also take interim charge of PMOs or similar organisations, run them for you and transition them back to you when you’re ready.
  • Filling gaps: Your employees may be skilled in some areas but possibly not so much in others (e.g. governance) and we can help bridge that gap. 
  • Supplementing resources: We can help fill most of your staffing shortages including Business Analysts, Project Controllers, and Program Managers


About 40% of an organization's projects are at risk of failure.
Our expert project managers begin by reviewing the company or project's current state to identify problem areas. Often common areas of concern include issues with scope, resource availability and/or skills, roles and responsibilities, and project monitoring and control. We present our assessment to senior management recognizing the project's accomplishments to date, and call out the major issues that caused it to steer off track. Additionally, we also provide a corrective action plan.
Once the corrective plan is accepted by the company, our experts lead the turnaround initiative, or you may also choose for us to mentor your team through the process.


  • Critical issues in achieving milestones or completing deliverables
  • High risk of non-delivery
  • Inefficient utilisation of resources on a project
  • Consistent missed deadlines
  • Significant technical issues with the project

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